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Heating and ventilation

Bestal Tehnoloogia OÜ is one of the major suppliers of heating and ventilation equipment in Europe. We distribute commercial and industrial heating equipment, as well as state of the art smoke ventilation equipment.

Our engineers are able to provide you expert advice on which application best suits your requirements and budget. We at Kapital Grupp ensure that we tailor our heating and ventilation equipment to your needs and take on every project, no matter what size the job. We also work alongside trusted and experienced partners and installers who will be able to install and service the equipment across Europe.

We are a leading distributor of industrial and commercial heating equipment, air conditioning and flue systems for an extensive variety of applications. Situated at the heart of Tallinn’s industrial centre, we offer a full range of warm air and radiant heating products, ventilation equipment and Midea air conditioning units.


Bestal Tehnoloogia OÜ

Ehitajate tee 110, office nr. 2-4
Tallinn , 12618, Estonia
VAT: EE102134887
tel.: +372 53040700
e-mail: bestaltehno@gmail.com
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